An orthopedic medical device manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales

The company has a high-quality professional technical team, advanced imported production equipment and inspection equipment and a modern medical device logistics platform. Based on the policy of "excellence, innovation, health and safety, and effective satisfaction", it has gradually become an influential orthopaedic product manufacturer in China with an international perspective and based on the domestic market.

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首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念首頁人才理念... 【Read More+】
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Tel:028-12345678 028-12345678
Address:No. 3, Chengke West Road, section 4, Renmin South Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan

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